Course Description
The Saratoga Stress Reduction Program is an eight-week stress-reduction and pain management course taught by Dr. Selma Nemer, Caroline Russell Smith, and Pierre Zimmerman. Students learn mindfulness meditation as a practice for learning, growing, and healing.  Participants discover a deeper sense of peace in the midst of a fast-paced and demanding stressful life, navigating life's challenges with greater ease.

This course is based on the program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979 and courses like it are taught all over the world. We have been teaching this program in Saratoga Springs since 2006.

The majority of our participants use their health insurance to help cover program costs.
To register or for more information, contact Dr. Selma Nemer at (518) 581-3180 ext. 307.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a practice of both waking up and slowing down inside so we can tap into greater energy, clarity and compassion. It is a way of paying attention to the present moment that is hardwired in all of us. Mindfulness allows anyone a greater sense of connection to their lives, inwardly and outwardly.  It is a discipline aimed at creating clarity, insight, understanding, and mobilizing one's own inner resources while reducing self-criticism and judgment. 

This program teaches participants a structured way to "unplug," literally and metaphorically, and to carve out time each day for the cultivation of mindfulness. From a place of awake stillness, participants learn how to unleash the body's innate capacity to rest and heal.

Why do people take this program?
On the first night of class we routinely hear things like

I keep waiting for life to slow down but I am realizing it never will. 
I need to learn how to live differently.

I'm afraid I will be controlled by pain my entire life.

I'm always planning for what's coming next or critiquing what just happened. I can't focus on 
what is actually happening, let alone enjoy it.

I feel exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time.

My body is tense and I can't relax. 

What do graduates have to say?
At the end of the 8 weeks, SSRP graduates say the program has helped them:
  • Improve sleep
  • Breathe more easily
  • Reduce anxiety, and for some, eliminate the need for medication
  • Better manage physical pain
  • Increase physical flexibility
  • Change negative thought patterns
  • Bring greater awareness to their eating habits
  • Feel more connected to their bodies
  • Improve immune system health
  • Discover a sense of inner calm even during stressful situations
Some students enroll in our program because they are suffering from:

Racing Thoughts
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Pain
Irritability/Anger Outbursts
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Auto-immune Disorders 
Lack of Libido
Back and Joint Pain 
GI Distress